Hidden Gems -A travel story

Hidden Gems -A travel story

Someone says true, ‘If travel bug bites you there is no known antidote’ and I’m badly affected by bug bite and that affected blood couldn’t stop me from exploring world.

Me and My friend had started exploring world and discovering new places from Asian country, as everyone likes to visit the famous places, but we believe that actual beauty is still present in some untouched places and ‘Sambawan Island -Philippines’ is one of them.

Initially, I wasn’t in favor of Philippines but his insistence couldn’t stop me from going there, and we finally took-off to Tacloban from Manila to reach Naval Pier to take ferry, but we were not able to catch that ferry because of 1 hr delay flight, so we were remained with only one option that we have to hire private boat from near village ‘Kawayyan- Billiran’.

At first glance of village only made me fall in love with that place like love at first sight, Kawayyan village is fully covered with dense coconuts and banana trees, home of diverse range of birds, plants, animals, and sea creatures with The elegant waterfall which gives illusion of a curtain of white water came over the Grey rocks as if it were being poured from giant bucket that never emptied; like paradise on earth, I was so happy to spend little bit time with Filipino locals, they are so kind, friendly, respectful, happy faces and From that village we had hired private fisherman boat and We started our journey to Sambawan with colorful starfishes, After an hour we reached to our destination.

First look of Sambawan was enough to fall in love, but actual beauty you can see by little cliff and some effort will bring you top of the mountain on the island which takes away your breath for wonderful stunning view, but not only view is wonderful but it looks like nature gave a beautiful crown to a sea, Also we enjoyed swimming, snorkeling, canoeing in calm crystal clear blue water.

The thing I like most about Sambawan is simplicity they maintain on island, It teaches us to live happily with basic things without expecting luxury, that night I felt like I’m sleeping with stars with music of waves; I felt like whatever i dreamt of is united in this beautiful island. This trip was one which I never wanted to go for, but this trip gave me the satisfaction and memories to cherish which is something I never get from the trips which I always wanted to go for. This reminds me the wonderful line said by Allen Saunders “life is what happens to us while we are making other plan”

You can check out Sambawan Island video on my you tube channel- tinkersland

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