What you should know about Diwali

What you should know about Diwali

Five big days, the whole city stay bright with non-stop fireworks throughout the day & night too. Rangolis and Diyas (lamps) welcoming new beginning and people go to the temple along with their families with new outfits and share & exchange sweets with great delight.

Ohhh yes u r right ,it’s DIWALI

Diwali (Deepawali, Dipawali) is the most awaited beautiful festival of all the festive of India also known as festival of light with lots of joy & enthusiasm and celebrated by millions of people around the World.

This festival is in Hindu month of kartika and celebraed for five days which this year fall on 17th Oct 2017 to 21 Oct 2017 although this is depends on lunar calendar


1. Dhanotrayodashi (Dhanteras) -This is the special day on which lord Dhanwantari is believed to have come out of the ocean with AYURVEDA, the science of medicine for benefits of mankind

2. Narak chaturdashi (Kali Chaudas) – This day is dedicated to lord Krishna over the wicked demon king Narkasur and also know as choti Diwali.

3. Laxmi Pujan -Laxmi puja is combined puja of five deities: which includes lord Ganesh , Mahalaxmi , Mahakali, Maha saraswati & lord Kuber for peace , wealth and prosperity.

4. Balipratipada -It is believed that during this days, King Bali resides on earth and bleesing to his people

5. Bhaubij (Bhai dooj)- They make pray to god for their brother and sister to get long living and prosperous life.

In this festival they worship lord Ganesha for good welfare, prosperity and goddess laxmi for health and wisdom.

one of the popular story told is the legend of lord Rama and his wife Sita returning their kingdom AYODHYA in northern part of India from 14 years of exile after deafening the demon king Ravana in 15th century at that time all people placed diyas (lamps) around their homes from that time Diwali is know as festival of light and happiness or Thimphu over darkness and victory of good over evils.

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  1. Great initiative. And I really amazed by seen aviators still have interest in such things which is literally out of our course.
    Its a really a great idea to help or guide people to follow indian festival’s and culture. And get updated about it.

  2. Indian graduation and ritual everybody knows but history nobody…Thx for information ,and keep writing
    gud luck for future post

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