Diwali is here and still rainy season is not gone but no need to say,

“Rain rain go away come again another day bacause; Here i am sharing how to make Rangoli design with OHP sheet and beads with very easy steps and attractive, So you can stick outside of your door or under table or anywhere as you like.

For that we need –

-OHP sheet
-Pen marker
-White beads (moti) and other different shape color beads (easy available at craft store)
-Golden/ sliver chain (lace)
-fabric glue (fevicryl)

•Take OHP sheet and draw a design with pen marker and lets start cutting ohp sheet with design you drawn with scissors,i used diyas shape design as you seen in pictures.

•First We decorate edges of cutouts with golden lace (stick with fabric glue) as shown,


•Now start decorating middle portion of our rangoli for that next layer of golden chain lace arrange circular layer of white beads(moti)and stick on cutout with help of fabric glue and make design with colorful bead as you like as shown and do same for side design also.

•Here is our awesome ohp sheet Rangoli design is ready,

!!Wish you all a Happy Diwali!!

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