Here I am sharing, Making of very easy and attractive paper Diyas to decorate your home.


Required material-

  • Color paper and glitter paper
  • Compass (for circle) or circle paper punch
  • Double sided sticking tape
  • Scissor.

a) Lets start with making 12 pieces circle shape paper cutting with compass and scissor or if you want you can use circle paper punch (easily available at craft store), I used 3cm radius circle

b) Fold the circle half & half again to form quarter of the circle as you can see in the picture

c) Paste double sided tape from center to the folded corner as shown in picture, this need to be done on both sides of the folded paper and repeat the procedure for rest 11 pieces

d) Now start peeling cover one by one and stick all pieces together to form a circular shape Diyas as shown

e) Next we need Diyas flame, for this we use a glittering paper or any color paper (as you like). Cut the glitter paper in the shape of flame and stick it in the center of Diyas

Here Diya is ready,

you can use this Diyas to decorate your home, puja thali, main door hang


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